WhatsApp Vs Snapchat : Which one is the best?


WhatsApp Vs Snapchat – Most of the people think that both are text sharing apps and similar in nature. However, this is the only similarity between both. WhatsApp, which is owned by facebook now was basically started as a text messaging site which works on cloud and stored your messages for a long time while messages, images, and videos are ephemeral in nature, which means message will be automatically destroyed once the user see it or after a specified time period of 24 hours.

Some other differences are in terms of network, privacy, and security. In terms of network, WhatsApp is leading with 600 million users while Snapchat still has 160 million users.  In term of security, both look same. While users can trust on WhatsApp more because of the end to end inscription messaging but Snapchat also has ephemeral nature for messages which also make things safe.

You can make a funny video with your face or expressions in Snapchat which is not available in WhatsApp right now. Both apps sync with your contacts so you don’t need to add any contact by yourself. Snapchat is having an upper hand in terms of privacy which attracts most of the teen and early twenty age group users.

Latest WhatsApp update: ‘Status’

WhatsApp is still a text messaging and file sharing app which has a large database of 1 billion active users and 60 billion daily messages throughout yet it doesn’t have that upper hand when it comes to entertainment or media file sharing. With the latest update, WhatsApp users would be able to share videos, images, emojis and even GIFs as their status updates. All multimedia and text messages and updates will be ephemeral which will be automatically disappeared after 24 hours. This is exactly copied from Snapchat stories and Instagram stories feature.

Its icon will be available between the ‘Calls’ and the ‘Chats’ tab in the app interface. Users will receive comments, likes and replies on their status and they can also reply to any comment. WhatsApp has maintained security and privacy here too and one can easily remove one’s status from any other user’s phone, can delete his status and can make the status visible to some specific people.

WhatsApp was launched as just a status updating website when a person thought to make an app which can tell his friends about his status that he is in the gym or swimming or sleeping or watching a movie or let them know when the battery is dying. It was an overnight viral app which was developed by a skilled team later. After few years of its launch, in 2014 facebook bought it and rest they say is a history. This will also allow businesses to come into the role which is still not a part of WhatsApp and this will give huge trouble to Snapchat which has already seen a huge drop of 80 % after Instagram started its new but copied feature Instagram stories.


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