Whatsapp Security : How to Enable 2 Step Verification on WhatsApp


How to Enable 2 Step Verification on WhatsApp – WhatsApp is one of the most used texting apps all over the globe. It has been acquired by the Facebook and they are making it more reliable and secure now. WhatsApp has been already claiming it as the safest messaging app because it provides you end to end encrypted messaging service and no one can encrypt it except the actual receiver. So even if someone intercepts our message in between he will not be able to read it exactly. Now they have gone one more step ahead by rolling out a new Two Step verification Process.

After several months of testing the latest security feature for Whatsapp ‘Two-step verification’ feature is being rolled out to all users. This feature would be available for Android, iPhone and Windows platforms. Two-Step verification is an optional feature and users can optionally add an Email address for account recovery.

With this feature, users can install Whatsapp more securely when they try to install it on any new device. It increases their security so that no one else can hack or illegally install their Whatsapp to read their chats. Users will have to provide a 6 digit passcode when they want to register their phone number with Whatsapp again or if any attempt is made to verify their phone number through the app by others.

How to Enable 2 Step Verification on WhatsApp

The User has to enable this feature by doing the WhatsApp security feature Whatsapp>> Settings>> Account>> Two-step Verification>> Enable.

After enabling this feature, the user needs to choose a 6 digit passcode and enter it. Users optionally need to provide an email id so that they can recover their account even if they forget the passcode. It is an option; however one should go for it if he is going to enable 2-step verification process. In that case users will get a link in their email to disable 2-step verification and get their account access back.

If you have already enabled this feature, your phone number will not be permitted to re-verify on the app within 7 days of last using Whatsapp without your 6 digit passcode. It means if you don’t remember your passcode and did not provide an email id for recovery, even you cannot re-verify that number on the app within seven days of last using it.

After these 7 days, your number will be permitted to re-verify without passcode but all your pending messages will be deleted. The old account will be deleted ad new account will be created upon successfully re-verifying. Users need to enter exact email id at the time of enabling this feature because email id would not be verified. So users need to type exact id to save their Whatsapp account and messages. It is now open to all 1.2 billion WhatsApp users.


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