How to Syncing Two Dropbox Accounts On One Computer?


Dropbox is at present the best cloud storage arrangement and many individuals exploit its numerous helpful components including the simple file sharing element. However, a few people need to utilize two Dropbox accounts and connect them together. Maybe you have a business Dropbox account and an individual Dropbox account and need to connect them together. The main suggestion that Dropbox gives us is to make shared folders between your own two accounts.



Another reason you might need to utilize two Dropbox accounts is that you may have faced information loss in Dropbox and most organizations and people can’t manage information loss, particularly if that information is lost forever and can’t be recovered. So in the event that you can link two accounts together, you will have a consistent reinforcement of all information. If you somehow happened to encounter an information loss on your original Dropbox account, you will even then have an entire backup of your information on the optional account. However you can get help through dropbox phone number which is available on profile body. So as should be obvious, there are a few reasons that having two Dropbox accounts connected together would be helpful.

The above-mentioned preferences of Dropbox make it truly striking that occasionally you may need two accounts on one gadget. The issue is it is difficult to deal with two Dropbox accounts in one instant.

When you have decided that you do require two Dropbox accounts connected together, there is a basic arrangement. CloudHQ will match up the greater part of your information between the different records and cloudHQ’s replication is consistent and programmed so it runs quietly in the background constantly duplicating all updates between the accounts.

How to Syncing two Dropbox accounts on a PC

Create another user account, so that you can keep switching to the two different user accounts with a specific end goal to utilize two distinct accounts of Dropbox. Follow the steps that we mention below or call to dropbox technical support and then you will be able to use both of the Dropbox accounts from your main Windows account.

  • So, most importantly you have to make another user account on your PC. This should be possible by pressing Windows+I keys from console and clicking Accounts choice.
  • On the following window select ‘Family and different users’ from the left panel and after that select ‘Add another user to this PC option’ accessible on the right side under ‘Other users’ area.
  • A dialogue box will show up on the screen here, at the base select “I don’t have this present individual’s sign-in data”.
  • On the following window, click “Include a client without Microsoft account”
  • Now, enter the username and password for the client account. You will be made a request to give a password while utilizing two Dropbox account.
  • The new account is created. You can begin utilizing it by tapping on the start button and going to switch user.

When you have signed into your new user account, you can organize Dropbox account there also.

  • You should download and introduce a new copy of Dropbox for this newly created user account.
  • Before installing, go to C: drive and make another folder for your Dropbox.
  • When you run the Dropbox setup and while installing you will be advised to pick a folder for Dropbox at that point select that folder you created in C: drive.

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Once you are done with all of the above-cited steps, log out of this new account so that you can log into your main account from where you are already utilizing another Dropbox account. To do this you will have to create another shortcut of the Dropbox app.

  • Press Windows key and type Dropbox and from query items right-click on the icon and select ‘Open file location’.
  • Copy the Dropbox icon and paste it on your desktop or simply right-click on the Dropbox alternate way and pick Send to > Desktop. When you see the newly created shortcut then right click on it and select Properties.
  • On properties window, add the command before existing content in the Target text box and hit Ok to save it. Run as/user: use Dropbox

In the event that you created a user with an alternate name then replace username with the name of the new user account that you created above.

This ought to be sufficient for you to run the second cases of Dropbox by clicking on that shortcut symbol on the desktop. You need to enter a password for alternate windows user account.

Dropbox Contact Number: +1-888-405-6069


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