What is Norton Wallet and How does It Work


The Wallet attribute in Identity Safe gives you a chance to make a wallet with your monetary data, for example, card data, financial balance data, and credit payment details. You can utilize the wallet to achieve the below-mentioned activities:

  • Automatically fill MasterCard or bank details at any time when you do transactions online.
  • Choose any card details for use with sites.
  • Secure your monetary data while you are online.


Thus, Identity Safe shields you from key loggers that steal and misuse your identity. Banking and other web based business sites consist of forms which has fields for credit cards or other financial matters. When you tap on a field in such sites, Norton Identity Safe opens Info bar that looks for your consent to automatically fill the form. On the Infobar, you can pick the payment mode that you need to utilize and afterward click Fill. On the off chance that you would prefer not to see the Infobar again on the online frame, click Don’t Ask. You can open the Info bar at any time by clicking VAULT IS OPEN > OPTIONS > Show Infobar for this site.

You can likewise utilize the Open Fill Assistant symbol in the VAULT IS OPEN menu to list the payments that you have saved. You can then choose a payment, as well as drag and drop the information on the form.

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You can utilize the sort alternative to organizing the payments in view of the name, adjusted date, and utilized date. You can likewise scan for payments saved in your wallet.

Also, wallet gives you the following traits:

  • Protects your money related data by including one more level of security.
  • Recognizes the site pages that have forms and instantly shows a pop-up window with the list of cards.
  • Provides you a speedy view of any of your cards and financial balances that are not protected by a password. Identity Safe gives extra security to your password ensured wallet by not showing the synopsis of the wallet.

Frequently clients fear abuse of their financial and credit card data while doing any online transactions. The data can be misused because of various reasons making genuine inconveniences to the clients, these incorporate, false and swindle sites that are completely made to rope in clients and abuse their financial credentials. In any case, secure and genuine sites have additionally been a reason for losing data for clients too. This occurs because of ill-advised security channels that guide enter loggers and hackers in robbing you of your data from the general true sites. Here Norton Wallet rescues you from these issues. You can also get help through Norton Tech Support Phone Number which is available for free.

Use of Norton Wallet

Quite a lot of customers who conduct online transactions on a huge scale like using Norton Identity Safe Wallet because of its broad features, accessibility from anyplace and secure online framework. Here are a couple of reasons why you ought to likewise begin utilizing Norton Wallet to save your money related data on the web:

Simplicity of transactions

With Norton Identity Safe Wallet it is to a great degree simple to fill your credentials anyplace on the web. Be it your debit card data, bank details, individual data related with money linked credentials or any other data. With Norton Wallet, while making a transaction online you can without much stretch go through the exceptionally broad structures with seconds. At whatever point you open a site, for instance, a banking site, Norton Wallet approaches you for authorizations to fill up the form automatically. You can pick the payment strategy through these data bars and select the data that must be utilized on the site. Once the information is filled up, the Norton Wallet recalls it each time you open the site.

Customized details

With Norton Identity Safe Wallet, you can choose which credentials are to be utilized on which site. Consequently, Norton Wallet saves you from troubles in picking data for each site each time you visit it. In the event you require any additional data on this, you can contact Norton Support.

It is very safe

With your eyes shut you can without any doubt trust Norton Identity Safe Wallet. You require two passwords to log in to your Norton Wallet. Thus the two-stage confirmation reduces the odds of your data being stolen or breached in any case. The 1st password is your Norton password which gives access to every one of the administrations and the second one is particularly for your Norton Wallet.

Security from keyloggers:

Identity Safe Wallet is composed of exceedingly secure standards henceforth it is practically unthinkable for keyloggers to steal your data or misuse it. Any form that you fill utilizing Norton Wallet does not have any possibility of your data getting misused.

Norton Antivirus Customer Support Phone Number: +1-888-405-6069


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