Norton Security Premium 2017 Review

Norton reviews

Norton’s line-up of consumer Windows antivirus products consolidates first class malware identification with, in the most costly item, reinforcement programming and 25GB of online storage. The product, be that as it may, saps framework execution enormously during scans, and even the priciest Norton item does not have a portion of the familiar luxuries we have been used to in the top of the line security suites, for example, encryption and file destroying. Norton also provide help through their Norton Antivirus Support desk and it makes Norton one of the leading security software.

Norton review


From the entry level Antivirus Basic through Norton Security Standard, Norton Security Deluxe and Norton Security Premium, Norton has given us the flexibility to pick which characteristics you have to ensure a solitary PC or an entire computerized family. Be that as it may, its valuing plan is resolute, driving clients with various gadgets or stages to purchase features they do not require.

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Norton Security Premium incorporates applications for Windows, MacOS, and Android and iOS gadgets. Your gadgets don’t need the same OS. You can blend and match, say, Windows PCs, Android telephones, and iPads.

The Windows security is the most wide-ranging when compared to the iOS components which does not do much.

Amalgamation with web browsers, Windows, and universal Windows platform applications

Norton Security Premium is a security item that coordinates pleasantly with Windows 10 and its components. For one thing, the security suite routinely disables Windows Firewall and Windows Defender during installation. This is positive since it disposes of the conceivable conflicts and execution issues that could emerge when running two comparative security items in the meantime. Norton is additionally working exceptionally well with regards to the networking features offered by Windows. A Home gathering can be created and combined with no issues, and you can share stuff over the local network, and transfer, install and utilize all inclusive Windows platform applications without being adversely influenced by Norton Security Premium.

Norton can naturally recognize the profile you set in Windows for the system associations that you are utilizing and change its firewall protection as needs are.

As far as web security is concerned, Norton Security Premium doesn’t filter all the web activity like other comparative security items do. Rather, it offers a web program augmentation that screens the sites you visit and cautions you when malicious code is noticed. Sadly, the Norton Security Toolbar works just in Google Chrome and in Mozilla Firefox. In case you’re utilizing Microsoft Edge, Opera or some other web program, you won’t get any web protection from Norton Security Premium, which is very bad.

One other essential thing to consider when integrating with Windows is the measure of RAM memory that is required by the security suite to run every one of its procedures. Luckily, Norton Security Premium is by all accounts a lightweight item it uses merely 160MB all things considered, notwithstanding when antivirus scans were running. Another positive factor is that every one of the procedures is ensured against the undesirable end, so nasty viruses will experience considerable difficulties when trying to disable this security suite.

User-friendliness and arrangement

The user interface provided by Norton Security Premium has a similar design found in earlier versions: decent hues, a great structure, and heaps of switches and big buttons so that it is easy to use on touch screens as well. The primary support is partitioned into two vast areas. The one beneath is made of substantial tiles that give you access to the most critical areas/components of the security suite, while the highest point of the window demonstrates to you a couple of details identified with the segment you pick on the base. The default segment/highlight is Security and it indicates you whether you are protected or not.

Norton Security Premium default options

It accompanies a default decision of what gets backed up and when. The product does not backup video files or mail. You can change these setting to suit your necessities. You can likewise utilize the backup programming to make local back-ups, for instance, a hard disk drive.

Norton’s underlying back-up keeps running at a moderate pace regardless of the possibility that you have a quick web connection. Later back-ups are fast.

Re-establishing is simple. You can pick individual files or the whole. One pleasant factor is that you can peruse through the back-up as you would through a local drive.


  1. 25GB Secure with PC Cloud Backup.
  2. 100% virus security guarantee.
  3. Performance optimization functionalities.
  4. Safe password handling alternative.
  5. Most excellent parental manage.
  6. Frequent updates.


  1. Restricted security alternative for iOS.
  2. Complex payment administration.
  3. Uses more system resource when scanning in full.
  4. Complicated up-gradation through


Symantec Norton Security Premium considers every contingency, ensuring up to 10 Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS gadgets. Include online reinforcement and award-winning parental control and you have an amazing cross- platform suite.


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