Most effective ways to weaponize your Computer Security


The Internet is opening its wings every day, flying miles and miles each day all over the world. Every day new users are getting connected and no one actually knows how many of them are good and how many are bad, not even FBI until they don’t commit any cyber crime and as they said any crime is not a crime until it doesn’t get caught.  If you think your computer is safe and secure because you have done few things you know, you might be wrong this time. You need to keep yourself updated with latest cyber crimes and cyber security techniques. If you are a business owner running a small or mid-size business you may need to focus on it more than many others do because hackers know from where they can get more benefits.

Security experts at Absolute Softech have done some great researchers which have shown some amazing results and it will tell you how you can convert your computer into a self-help robot with the help of some cyber security weapons.However you can always get Computer technician support through Absolute Softech but you can do it from your end as well. So To win any war you need to develop two strategies: One for attack and one for defense and then develop your weapons according to that. You can never ignore the strength of your opposition. Here at computer security, you are not going to attack someone but you need to develop your defensive strategy in a great way because you really don’t know that how many enemies you really have and how many are ready to attack your system to steal your personal, professional and banking information. You even don’t know how strong they are.

Our cyber security experts at Absolute Softech has done some tremendous job and they have developed some ways you can feel more secure after following all these steps. You need to weaponize your computer to keep its defensive mode always on. Let have a look on the list of these cyber weapons and techniques how to use them effectively.

Most effective ways to weaponize your Computer Security


Firewall is one of the most important weapons or tool which can really make a great difference in your security level. It depends on how you use it. Every computer operating system like Windows, MAC, and Linux has an inbuilt firewall. Make sure you have turned it on because if you haven’t there is no benefit of having it. You also need to make sure that your router at home and office has Firewall turn on. So that, it can filter all the web addresses coming into your network and block all harmful websites at the entry door of your personal cyberspace.

You should never underestimate its power to keep you secure as we have already heard from a cyber expert that

“We’re in the stone age of cyber security. Real learning will only comes after the 1st major incident”– Dr. Christopher Frei, Secretary General of World Energy Council

Industry can handle any cyber attack but we as an individual may not.

Install a good antivirus

The Internet has made our life easier then it was before a decade but it’s frustrating when it get slower and don’t respond with the speed it is expected to be. Viruses are not very easy to track for a human and that’s why anti-viruses are created. You must always keep a good antivirus installed on your computer which will definitely keep your device secure, fast and better. The virus doesn’t only make your computer slow but it can send your keystroke records to anyone can share your banking information with any unknown person and can also share your files and documents with anyone which would very dangerous situation for you. There are many antivirus software available in the market some of them are free and some are paid. The Absolute softech team always suggests you install a paid version of good antivirus software and keep your device secure.

Hack-proof password

You need to create a hack-proof password because the password is the key to your online identity. If someone steals your password he can do anything with your accounts on different social media platforms or e-corners websites and even bank accounts with your identity and you would never know who did that. So follow the rules to create a strong and hack-proof password.

Guidelines from Absolute Softech team to create a strong password

  • Use 12 Characters, Minimum
  • Don’t use your mobile no or date of birth
  • Don’t use password like 123456 or QWERTY or 1234abcd
  • Use Numbers, Symbols, Capital Letters, and Lower-Case Letters

Don’t use any dictionary word or famous movie name

Secure browser

Internet browser safety is also an important aspect of the secure network. There are different browsers available like Internet explorer, Chrome, Mozilla, Edge and safari however you should go for chrome as it has been winning awards as the safest internet browser. Your browser also needs to be updated time to time. You can go to the setting and manage your security at the highest level. You should always use the same browser on all your devices and avoid saving your password on any public computer.

Multiple login Account

You should always use the different account to log in on your computer with different passwords. Keep the admin account and other accounts separate so that, if someone wants to use it you can give him access only what is necessary. This way no one can steal your information at your office or if any family friend accesses your home computer. Restrict the information to the other accounts. It will surely give you an upper hand.

Keep it Up-to-date

Numbers of users are increasing in the internet day by day and so software as well which include viruses and antivirus. Microsoft and apple both keep updating their operating systems so that your device can fight with latest threats and viruses. You need to keep your system up to date so that you can get latest security features. You can choose the auto update option from setting or control panel so that it can update its software whenever any new update comes into the market.

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Do’s and don’ts to keep your system secure:

Don’t visit porn sites: Yes, you read it right. That is the favorite place for hackers to get your device access and password. If you want to be on safe side, follow the advice.

Don’t use public Wi-Fi: You should always avoid using free or public Wi-Fi as anyone with little bit computer knowledge can attack your system and can do anything unpleasant.

Don’t keep it on every time: hackers also prefer the network which is always on as they don’t need to do anything in hurry and probably they can give them better and more information. So you are advisable that don’t keep your device or router always on. Keep it off if you are way from home or sleeping.

Don’t download anything from anywhere

Don’t download any attachment from any email you receive randomly. Don’t trust on any word or PDF file which has extension ‘.exe’. It may have a potential virus. Ignore and delete the emails which look suspicious to you.

Scan USB devices: Scan any external devices you attach to your computer.  It will decrease the chances of your device getting affected with external viruses. The flash drives and other USB drives are easier to get infected with viruses if you connect it to any public computer.

Systematically update your Backup: you need to update your backup time to time so that in any case your device get affected, you won’t lose your important data. The Absolute softech team recommends you to have the backup on any external device to keep it more secure.


These are the tips and weapons you need to keep your computer secure. As the number of attacks is increasing you should focus on shaping your security weapons. So follow the advice given by Absolute Softech Network security experts with deep understanding of these technologies and keep your system under the security umbrella.


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