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Stop Pop-Ups in Firefox – Popup boxes or pop-up windows are windows that appear on your screen without your permission or when you are doing something on any website. They are of different size and usually don’t cover the whole screen. Some pop-ups may appear on the top some may come underneath and some may come in the middle of the page. Usually, it frustrates users when it comes again and again even after enabling the popup blocker in settings. Well, there are different ways to block Popup. You can get help from computer technician but if you wanna do it from your end you have to read the articles so Let’s check these

Make sure you have turned on the Pop-Up Blocking Feature:

Mozilla Firefox provides you an inbuilt facility to block all these annoying popup. You need to click on setting icon on Top right corner of Firefox window. Choose ‘Options’ and you will see a small window with option ‘Block Popup Window’. You need to check that box and tick there. It will block all the annoying pop-up windows on your Firefox browser.

Sometimes you might be still getting popup. Follow these two steps and click on ‘Exceptions’ and remove all website data from there. So that, you can access all websites without getting those popup windows on your screen.

Remove all unwanted Programs:

Many times you download anything from any websites and you end up with downloading some unwanted programs in the background. These are the unnecessary programs which start showing you unnecessary popup windows after getting installed itself in your computer without letting you know. You need to look and choose those programs and uninstall them from Control panel. A program like DNSUnblocker is an example of those kinds of program.

Search for a reliable ad-blocking add-on, such as Adblock Plus:

There are many add-ons which claim to block all kind of annoying popup but all of them don’t really good in it. Still few of them works well and Adblocker and Adblock plus are few examples. You can add search for these add-ons and add them to your browser and get rid of all these pop-ups. You don’t need any kind of special knowledge for adding these add-ons. Just search for that and click ‘Add to Firefox’.

Install reliable Antivirus Software:

Many times these popup are the result of any malware or virus installed on your computer without your knowledge. These programs keep running and keep damaging your system without letting you know about their presence. You should install good antivirus software and scan your full system time to time to remove these programs from your system. You can scan your system manually or automatically which will solve the problem for you. There is many good antiviruses’ software in the market today you can choose any of them.

We expect that you can handle this situation now and can easily remove all these annoying and frustrated popup windows. However, if you still feel inability in removing those let our technicians know by calling them and they will solve the issue for you.

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