How To Fix When Norton Identity Safe Won’t Open On Windows 7 64-Bit


The world of technology is advancing every single day, and there is no two ways about it. Today, computers and internet are being used for more than just a few purposes including both the personal and professional. For collecting some information to connecting businesses with people, internet is becoming must have for all of us. But, it is a mere fact that, safety and security form viruses and hackers became a major concern. Thanks to the advanced software tools that protect your PC and your precious data and information from these kinds of issues, and Norton Identity Safe is no exception. Call to Norton Antivirus Support in case you’re having issue while fixing it.

How To Fix When Norton Identity Safe Not opening

Allowing users to access their identity safe online with ease with almost every web browser capable device, Norton Security Safe has become the choice of many people. To access this useful tool, all you need is a valid Norton account and online Vault password associated with it. Well, Norton has been working restlessly to improve the quality of its product and services, but, there are some issues that are needed to be taken into account.


Especially for people who are using Windows 7 (64 bit) and higher versions, one of the most common issues is Identity Safe Vault won’t open. You can get a screen saying Get Started with Sign In option instead of usual login screen and that’s where problematic situation take place. Even after signing in, you will be sent back to the same page and hence, frustration start taking place. so, what are the reason behind such issue? Or how it can be resolved? Here are some helpful tips that can resolve the issue:

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  • After restarting your PC, you need to launch the Norton Product Main UI, this is where you need to check whether you are signed in to Norton Account or not.
  • If Sign In link is missing then, launch browser with tool bar enabled and click on Vault Closed or Access Vault from it and check whether its solving your issue.
  • If Sign In link is available then, click on it and login to your Norton Account and later launch browser with tool bar enabled
  • Now, click on Vault Closed or Access Vault from it and check whether its solving your issue.


  • You can try by clearing all the Windows temporary files. Then find the Windows/Prefetch folder where you need to delete all the files contained in the specific folder. These files are sure to help Windows load programs very quickly. They will be recreated when Windows is restarted and the chances are high that things will go smoothly.
  • Try running LiveUpdate manually for one or more time, restart your PC as and when needed until no updates are available is displayed.
  • Restart the computer once again. The first restarts may take some time as the Prefetch files are recreated.

When Identity safe don’t work properly restarting the PC for a few times has also been reported to work to resolve this issue. You can try the same before heading to a lengthy process. Norton also provide support on Norton 360 Phone Number which is available as toll free.

Such issues may be resolved in many different ways and it depends on various factors including the version of software you are using, operating system support, proper installation of software and a lot more. Even after trying these basic things, if the issue remains the same, you can get in touch with the professionals or executives that are dedicated to helping customers in this regard. Hope these tricks will help and you can get started with the tool in a hassle free manner.


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