How To Fix When Norton Antivirus is Not Working or Not Opening

Norton not working

Norton antivirus is software like any other software. It saves us from many malware, spyware, viruses and malicious software access to your PC. It protects us with minimum impact on our PCs. It is considered as the Industry’s top name Computer security solution. You can buy this software from CD, DVD or any other media. As soon you downloaded your PC, you have to start installation process. In spite of so many features, we face many problems arise due to Norton antivirus like your Norton Antivirus is Not Working. Sometimes we encounter a problem that appears on taskbar and window task manager lists Norton as a running application. Although we have always option to get Norton Help but we can resolve it from our end. So When the icon is clicked on the task bar, it just looks like the top bar of a window. When you right clicked on the icon, it looks okay. You will get the list of tasks available (open Norton 360, Run quick scan, Run live update etc). If you moved the task manager window around your screen, a white box would be formed. It appears as Norton 360 is running, but you can’t see it. Our Norton 360 suite will not work or open due to the following reasons. I am going to discuss on its solution also.

Norton Antivirus Not Working

  1. Installation Issue

You also become failure while installing or reinstalling of this software. After installation, you still could not see the Norton 360 window to make thing worst. It appears as an “Activation Window” which you can’t see. You will not know if the installation is completed or not. You face same problem with rebooting.

The best method to overcome this issue is to install freshly installed operating system. Installation issues hogs to hardware resources.

  1. Upgrade compatibility problem

Norton antivirus will not load automatically after upgrading your window operating system. You will tire due to ‘start-on’ and ‘shut-off’ of your problem. But still your Norton antivirus will not load. To know about “How to deactivate Norton “is not easy.

So, users prefer security software.

  1. Inability to start Norton product

This problem occurs after you update your Norton product. To fix the problem, you need to restart your computer. If you have already installed Norton family, uninstall it before you run the Norton remove and reinstall tool.  Save the file

Save the file to Window desktop. On some browsers, the file is saved automatically to its default location. To open the download window in your browser, press the Ctrl+J key.  You need to double click on NRnR icon.  After reading licence agreement, you will click on Agree option.  Now, click on remove or reinstall option. Click on continues and finally restarts.

  1. Problems due to configuration

You need to Go to advanced setting for configuring Norton Antivirus. You will see three options- detection level, medium detection level and high detection level. Select medium detection level. Select all the options available in threat categories. In next window you have to choose start mode. You have to just select the normal mode. Now, you will set a time to scan PC. Select Run at specific time and set a time when computer is on. After configure all options, it will start a quick scan of your computer.

  1. Problems arise due to update Norton antivirus

After installation and configuration, it is urgently required to install and configure Norton antivirus. You need to follow steps by step process to update Norton antivirus. At first right click the primary server, point to all tasks, point Norton antivirus and then click Virus definition, Manager, configure and Update Now.  Live Update runs silently in the background on the primary server.

Overall the problem that you are not starting my Norton product happens due to the following reasons:-

  • Multiple types of security products installed.
  • Due to old version of Norton Product.
  • Drivers not compatible and outdated.
  • Incompatible with latest software and outdated Drivers


Norton users can feel relaxed after fixing problems like subscription expiration, slow internet connection, infected computer, and non removal of threats completely, outdated protection updates, no Internet Connection and not enough space on computer. These above mentioned problems hinder you to open Norton antivirus. Feel free to contact to Norton Tech Support executive for instant help.


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