Is facebook destroying Snapchat with the latest WhatsApp Update?


2010 was the year when Microsoft tried to buy facebook that time a growing social networking website. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg polity declined the offer by saying that he has given a lot of time and effort to it and he will continue to do so. The same year a movie called Social Network was released in which facebook CEO was the main subject. He was shown as an arrogant, Overambitious and kind of weird man. Obviously, Mark was not agreed on many things shown in the movie.

2007 was the year when facebook started buying the companies they see as their competitor or see valuable for them.  NextStop, a company where user could share to travel experiences, friend feed, where user can make friends, a cloud base file sharing website and Hot potato, a site where users can put their check-in status and insiders experience with other users, are some companies which Facebook bought and shut them down quickly, merging the features with facebook.

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2012 was the year when mark started approaching to the WhatsApp and Snapchat. These are two most popular texts or file sharing platform which Facebook try to buy. In 2014 mark was successful in closing the deal of $19 billion in order to acquire WhatsApp which has almost 600 million users that time. When he approached the Snapchat by saying that they are also planning to create an app similar to Snapchat basically it was like a warning that we are going to destroy you in the battle, the better option for you is to give up before the war starts.

Snapchat CEO    Evan Spiegel declined the offer with almost same words what Facebook said to Microsoft in 2010. Mark tried hard to buy the messaging app in 2017 again but it seems difficult to him as Evan has declined his $ 3 billion offer. Mark has already bought many companies in which he saw a competitor or some benefit. He gives internships to young talent so that they start working for Facebook and thus don’t create a new competitor for Facebook.

After getting failed in buying Snapchat, Facebook CEO is making many changes in WhatsApp which include latest update ‘Status’. Basically, he wants to include all the Snapchat features in WhatsApp so that people don’t feel any necessity to have the Snapchat app and WhatsApp users will also get increased. Before we get to know about Latest WhatsApp Update ‘status’ let’s compare WhatsApp and Snapchat features first.

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