Most effective ways to weaponize your Computer Security

The Internet is opening its wings every day, flying miles and miles each day all over the world. Every day new users are getting connected and no one actually knows how many of them are good and how many...

WhatsApp Vs Snapchat : Which one is the best?

WhatsApp Vs Snapchat - Most of the people think that both are text sharing apps and similar in nature. However, this is the only similarity between both. WhatsApp, which is owned by facebook now was basically started as a...

Is facebook destroying Snapchat with the latest WhatsApp Update?

2010 was the year when Microsoft tried to buy facebook that time a growing social networking website. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg polity declined the offer by saying that he has given a lot of time and effort to it...

Hidden Tips to keep your Email account fully secure and Hack-proof

How to keep your email account secure? This is the question troubling millions of people nowadays. Increasing number of cyber attacks are making the users tensed for their Email security. Email has become an integral part of our day...

Project Zero: Google Vs Microsoft, Who is winning?

Google Vs Microsoft - Google and Microsoft both are two tech giants which are ruling the tech industry from years. There are many products like Internet browsers, security software and now artificial intelligence on which both the companies are...

Whatsapp Security : How to Enable 2 Step Verification on WhatsApp

How to Enable 2 Step Verification on WhatsApp - WhatsApp is one of the most used texting apps all over the globe. It has been acquired by the Facebook and they are making it more reliable and secure now....

Android Wear 2.0 : Latest Android Smart Watch

Google has finally rolled out its biggest update Android wear 2.0 for the smart watch. It has been announced on 8th Feb and from 15th Feb device updates has been started. Google delayed and took more time than expected...

How to Stop Pop-Ups in Firefox | Support for Firefox

Stop Pop-Ups in Firefox - Popup boxes or pop-up windows are windows that appear on your screen without your permission or when you are doing something on any website. They are of different size and usually don’t cover the...

Causes Reveals: Samsung Note 7 Fire Incidents

Samsung Note 7 Fire Incidents - "We sincerely apologize for the discomfort and concern we have caused to our customers." These words came from Koh Dong-Jin, the mobile business head of Samsung; the South Korea based biggest Smartphone Producer...

Must Read : Hackers Welcome 2017 with New Hacking Technique

Let us ask you one simple question what do you do when you receive an email from one of your friend, family member or your colleagues? Do you open that email? Your answer would be: Yes we do open...

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