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Apple iPhone 8 – 2017 is the year, iPhone will be celebrating its 10th anniversary and they want to make it big. Apple has a successful iPhone track record in terms of market, demand and innovation. Though, from last few years, people were saying that they are not showing innovation as expected.

However, some features have been leaked which could be present in latest iPhone making it the most innovative and full of modern features in the series. If they follow the tradition it will be launched in September 2017, however, rumors are saying that something big is going to be there, in iPhone 8 which may not be possible for Apple to develop and combine all features in one iPhone so quickly and perfectly.

Although they have not named it anything yet, we can’t deny by the possibility that Apple can get off with numbers and give it some other name if they get succeed in putting all the amazing features in the upcoming iPhone and release it on the 10th anniversary of  the original iPhone.

Apple iPhone 8

Launching Date of Apple iPhone 8 | Apple iphone 8 Release Date

As of now, we are calling it iPhone 8 because iPhone 7 is already in the market which didn’t impress a huge audience but they are also developing iPhone 7S and 7S Plus and planning to launch in mid of 2017. Rumors are saying that they will make some big changes after this series and launch next generation iPhone in September 2017 with some advance features.

However, it looks difficult to pack all features in a single iPhone on such a short time period but no one can predict anything about Apple. However, we can expect that they would be launching at least iPhone 7s or 7s plus if not 8. If they can forget about numbers it may be called iPhone X as it will be launched on 10 anniversary of original iPhone.

Probable features in Apple iPhone 8

Well, no one can predict anything surely about Apples’ latest iPhone features but people are guessing about its features and until we don’t get it in our hand or any formal information from Apple we will take it as rumors. There are rumors about the features in latest iPhone that Apple has been doing lots of research for this model especially as its going to be the 10th birthday of iPhone and they have saved all good things for this model only and it’s going to be the flagship model of Apple in 2017. Let us tell you what people are thinking they might get in iPhone 8

Wireless Charging and powerful battery

The famous KGI Securities analyst ‘Ming-Chi Kuo’ who is widely regarded as one of the best Apple analysts has told that Apple is going to introduce wireless charging and it will not have any port for charging as well as headphones. He has also discussed the downside and said it will increase the price but huge margin. He also said that they will also increase the battery efficiency by 30 % making it at 2700 mAh while iPhone 7 has 1960 mAh. While Apple is trying to offer a multi-day battery backup, Samsung is playing safe here.

3D Camera & Images

It’s been one of the latest techniques in the area of photography. It’s getting easier to click a 3D image with Smartphone having 2 cameras on the single phone. At least it’s not that much difficult for Apple as much we think it is, so we can expect this feature in latest iPhone. Techniques have been already developed to see an image in 3D on your phone and it changed the shape on the movement of your mouse so it will be not surprised if you see any 3D camera or image features in next iPhone.

IRIS Scanner

A Chinese report said that Apple has ordered IRIS scanners for its new iPhone and it will be using that to make the iPhone more secure in terms of reorganization and authenticity. Galaxy Note 7 has already used it but it was not that much effective as expected. Let’s hope Apple does it in the more effective manner to keep the device and transaction security at a higher level with the help of best bio metric and facial reorganization techniques.

Full Glass Design and OLED Display

According to many predictors new iPhone 2017 will be made primary from glass having OLED display. A CEO of an Apple supplier has also told that only one model in 2017 will have the metal body which means rest iPhone 7s and 7s plus will have the traditional metal body. Glass built iPhone would need a lot of advance technology and research so it may look difficult but we can’t take it as impossible for Apple. OLED is made of plastic and much lighter than glass which might make it much lighter than its older versions.  So we can enjoy the full glass design and OLED display in latest iPhone this year.


No Home Button and Touch ID

‘Ming-chi Kuo’ has also said that it will have almost 4.7-inch display which will keep it usable with one hand. Apple is planning to remove physical Home button and touch id and it will be integrated with the display. Some other companies have already announced it last year but Apple seems to be the first company to take it in the market. Well, Apple would like to coexist the touch id feature even it introduce any new facial reorganization feature. However, we need to wait and watch till September.

Apple iPhone 8 Price & is it worth to buy

There are many features which if get introduces in iPhone will surely increase the price range of iPhone and can make it out of reach from a middle citizen. Apple has already cleared by launching the Mac Book Pro at increased price that they are not scared of increasing the price if they think the products are worth it. Some other competitors like LG, Samsung and Google are also offering the same features in their upcoming devices, which will make pressure on Apple to keep the price range lower. Although it is difficult to predict the exact price but we can say it might be possible to fall in the category of $1200-$1400. It will help you to decide whether you should go for it or wait until the price gets down after few months.

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