Android Wear 2.0 : Latest Android Smart Watch


Google has finally rolled out its biggest update Android wear 2.0 for the smart watch. It has been announced on 8th Feb and from 15th Feb device updates has been started. Google delayed and took more time than expected but it seems to be worth of. The LG watch style and the LG Watch Sport are two watches which are currently available in the US with latest features. A lot of updates are about to come in batch so you can expect your smart watch getting updated quickly. It seems to be much better then iPhone watches and have some features like custom watch faces, fitness and standalone apps which give it an upper hand.

Let’s have a look on its awesome features:

Enjoy the Standalone app store:

Android wear now includes a standalone Google play store which means you are able to download any app in your smart watch. You don’t need to install it in your Smartphone as your smart watch is an independent device and don’t need to be paired with Smartphone.

Redesigned and attractive User Interface:

It has been specially redesigned for the smart watch and app launcher has been changed to fit the new look. These new menus are much easier to control and it’s totally rotational and looks like a big improvement. Movable watch dial also allows you to move in, move up and zoom in, zoom up the screen. The notification style also has been changed what use to take half of the screen is now better and colorful at a small place.

More Customized and improved watch faces:

Watch faces have been improved and you can customize watch faces with the complications you like and can put data from different third party apps together and can interact with them too. Developers can supply data to any watch face using the API. You can also access setting panel from the bottom of the screen and change all the settings from there.

Messaging and smart replies on the watch:

Sending and replying messages is now easier than ever. You have different ways like dictating, typing and handwriting to reply and send messages. Because of the size, it might look small but it’s really fun to chat on a watch. It can perfectly recognize your handwriting to fetch words from its keyboard. It is offering its own keyboard but also welcoming third-party keyboards. Google is also bringing some smart replies like Gmail, the auto-generated replies. So you can automatically reply without sharing any personal information on Google server.

Your personal assistant on your wrist:

When we talk about the machine learning it has developed a Google assistant for you in the watch. You can ask anything and get the answer ready for you. Ask the weather outside and tell it to remind you to bring dinner items from the store and it will do that perfectly. It can remind you your appointments, meetings and birthdays of your friends. You can ask for any help just by saying “Ok Google”.

Every time with your fitness mentor:

Google fit is the preinstalled app in Google wearable devices. It is also becoming the best choice for fitness lovers. It actually tells you that how much you have walked or cycled or has to burn your calories. You can also measure most of other physical and gymnastic activities and your heart beat rate during those activities. You can also enjoy music and message in the process. You can use any other fitness-related app to watch your activities and progress.

On the whole, Android Wear 2.0 update is a welcome improvement. It not only looks much better than before but also is much easier to use. UI, Watch face, play store, settings almost everything has been improved. The new fitness and messaging features are welcome as well. But it’s and the standalone app and the Google Assistant that takes Android Wear 2.0 from good to great.


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