Incredimail Support : How do I add a new email account in IncrediMail?


Incredimail Support : Add a new email account in IncrediMail – Incredimail is a feature rich emailing program which makes your emailing experience fun, personal and more productive. IncrediMail includes many features which makes it different from other email service providers. You can add effects, notifiers, animations, emoticons, letters and even sounds. There is also a advance version known as IncrediMail plus. If you are not satisfied with these features you get some more in this advanced version to make it more fun and more personalized.

There are some issues with IncrediMail like password reset, Style box animations or unable to upload hand written signature. These are not very difficult issues and can be resolved easily. You can also call at our IncrediMail tech support Number. If you want to add one more account with your with your IncrediMail account you may face trouble in doing that. That’s why we will explain you that how you can get benefited with this special feature of IncrediMail and can add more than one email account in same IncrediMail account.

You need to follow these steps:

1 – Login to your IncrediMail account first

2 – In the IncrediMail main window, click the ‘Tools’ menu and select ‘Accounts…’

3 – At this point, you will see the ‘Mail Accounts’ window opens. Click on ‘Add’ to add a new email account

4 – Now, the ‘Account Wizard’ box opens. You can configure your email account settings here either automatically or manually.

5 – Automatically configuring the Email Account:

The ‘Account Wizard’ detects all the email accounts configured in other email clients on your computer. You can select any email account or all of these email accounts and then automatically import their settings into IncrediMail.

In the ‘Account Wizard’ window select ‘Automatically import my email settings (recommended)’ and click ‘Next’

Select the email account you wish to import and click ‘Finish’

Click ‘OK’ to close the ‘Account Wizard’ window box and you can start using your newly configured email account.

Manually configuring your Email Account:

You need to manually configure your new email account if that is not configured anywhere on your system

6 – Enter your Display name and your email address into the appropriate fields, and click ‘Next’.

7 – If you are connected to the Internet, IncrediMail attempts to fill out the email account server settings automatically,  If you are not connected to the Internet, either connect or click ‘Skip’ and enter your incoming and outgoing mail servers data manually.

8 – Select your incoming mail server type, POP3 or IMAP, enter your incoming and outgoing mail servers and click ‘Next’.

9 – Enter your email account username and password and click ‘Finish’.

In case of an AOL email account configuration, enter your Screen name and Password.

10 – Click ‘OK’ to close the ‘Account Wizard’ window and you can now start using your newly configured email account. You have successfully added one more account to your IncrediMail account.

We expect that you can easily add your accounts now. However, if you feel any difficulty you should call us at IncrediMail Tech Support Phone Number.



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